Stave Puzzles

Stave Puzzles is my family's business, started by my father Steve Richardson back in 1972. Stave is the premiere maker of customized wooden jigsaw puzzles. I badgered my dad in the late '90s that Stave needed to improve its website, and it became the project I cut my teeth on as a web developer in most respects.

For a product that is hand-crafted, personalized, and as special as these puzzles, the site had to reflect Stave's warm and quirky personality and never feel too slick.

The evolving needs of the business, and the primacy of the internet as marketing medium, have led to more and more e-commerce features being added: coupons, one-hour sales, promotional games, and data collection. The site has grown to become a channel of 40% of Stave's revenues, pulling in over $300,000 dollars in sales anually.