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Let's do it. I've designed and launched many sites for small businesses. Let's talk about domains, hosting, marketing strategy, and more.
I would love to help. Let's put our heads together and figure out how to make the new site original, clean, and easy to manage.
Fantastic! I love helping businesses solve problems with software. Let's meet some time.
Let's talk. We can start with gathering intelligence on what your business goals are, and who your audience is.
The possibilities are endless! Let's meet and come up with a few ideas that are fun, and which keep people coming back to your site.
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aka michael richardson | web developer based in boise idaho
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Web Developer in Boise, Idaho

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Good morning! Let’s imagine what’s possible for your website…

Let’s say you wanted to create a way for cyclists to find their way around Boise? We could create something like this:

For this, I used three of Google’s Mapping APIs. Click here to see it in a new window, or open it on a mobile device.
Or maybe you need to graph or chart some data…
Here, I’ve used The Open Weather historical data API for the data, and High Charts for the charting functionality. We can use any type of graph or chart you see on High Charts (or other JavaScript-based charting libraries like D3 and Charts.js) to visualize your data.
Or, maybe you need a kind of audio player, where animal sounds are generated using a drag-and-drop interface…

This makes use of the jQuery library and the native HTML5 Audio element.

Hi, I’m Michael Richardson. I’m a web / WordPress developer and designer based in Boise, Idaho. I’ve been designing, coding, customizing, and maintaining websites and web applications for over 20 years.

Web development for small businesses & non-profits, serving Boise Idaho and beyond.

  • Affordable “full stack” HTML / PHP / MySQL development for custom business solutions.
  • Custom WordPress themes & plugins. Read more about my services here.
  • E-commerce solutions & customizations (WooCommerce & Shopify)
  • Fresh designs, website migrations and website overhauls
  • Search engine optimizing & e-mail marketing integrations
  • WordPress and HTML/CSS basic training
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Why work with me?
My design process focuses on user-empathy and meeting business goals.
I’ve got many years of experience making WordPress themes and plugins, and creating custom solutions with PHP and MySQL.
We’ll stick to simple, best practices with content and SEO to attract visitors and keep them on your site longer, thus converting them into customers.
I’m responsive, creative, and straightforward. I’m a good writer and problem solver, too.