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elegant web solutions since 1999

Recent Projects

Boise Philharmonic

A collaboration with designer Kristy Weyhrich, of W Design. Among many custom goodies, the Boise Phil needed a complex calendar system, a way to organize many musicians, and a multi-pane slider to highlight sponsors. Recently, I helped them integrate their ticketing and membership system with the Vimeo API, since their recent season is a "virtual" one. 

Pioneer Title Company
Pioneer Title needed an online calculator for various mortgage assessments that would use complex county-level data (pictured). More recently, we've created an in-house application for managing huge amounts of foreclosure data, and for outputting legal documents; it's saved them hundreds of man-hours.
Bright Works
Clint, at Bright Works, does amazing custom lighting installations and repair. He'd been getting by with a "Website Builder" site on GoDaddy. We built a fresh WordPress site, using a customized ("child") theme, and now he can manage his extensive portfolio easily.
Advocates for Children of New Jersey
I've worked with ACNJ for over 10 years, on two iterations of their site. Most recently, I built them custom WordPress theme based on an in-house design, and created a document library for managing many a trove of PDFs and press releases. Working with clients long-term, I'm always there to assist with technical and emerging challenges involving design, security, analytics, and marketing.

In 2003, I launched Timeglider, a web-based timeline application. I was lucky to rope in Justin Kuntz from Creative Soapbox to design the interface. Over the next eleven years, over 500,000 students, educators, and professionals used it. Clients also included Boeing, Geico, and NBC. In 2019, Timeglider was acquired by Preceden.

Stave Puzzles
I've been working with Stave Puzzles since forever, and we've gone through three e-commerce systems. Most recently, we're building upon a WordPress theme and a new WooCommerce store to manage Stave's 5000+ puzzle images for custom wooden jigsaw puzzles.
Riverside Hotel

I implemented a great design by Kristy Weyhrich on this one, a completely original WP theme. The Riverside needed a complex calendar plugin, and a number of other interesting WordPress theme features, too. 

Patricia Pearson
You'd be amazed at how few simple WordPress themes there are. Like really simple. For Canadian writer Patricia Pearson, I stripped down a default WordPress theme, and we created a simple way for her to manage her catalog of books. Here most recent book is about a murder.
Beth Geagan
Beth Geagan is a voice-over professional who needed a simple site to highlight her work. Kristy Weyhrich designed it, and I implemented the design and created custom audio players.
Grainbuys is a grain trading platform that is almost like an eBay for grain growers (sellers) to negotiate with ranchers buying feed stock. This was a complex app built from the ground up using Code Igniter, with a complex administrative back-end. It has a messaging platform, contract negotiation system, and zip-code-calculated shipping data.
South Beck & Baird
South Beck & Baird is one of Boise's top landscape architects. I was hired by W Design to implement this this elegant layout, highlighting their work — a triumph of minimalism.
Gunilla Norris
Gunilla Norris has written at least a dozen books on meditation, prayer, and mindfulness. Her site demanded real simplicity to match her philosophy, but the site has complexity under the surface. We built an audio app for a project of hers, for listening to chants, and book pages include audio excerpts as well.