Hand Eye Design
aka michael richardson | web developer based in boise idaho
elegant web solutions since 1999


Most of the time, less is more in the realm of software and web development. Many challenges that seem complex, and which seem to require a lot of code or money, probably have elegant, affordable solutions.

There’s just too much software on the web. It’s too easy to create and install. With WordPress reigning supreme as the content management system of choice, the amount of software that can be installed behind the scenes — with a theme, plugins, and with fancy layout tools — can quickly become a liability, as things slow down, or as code conflicts arise.

I’ve got years of working with WordPress, and can help you navigate the plethora of plugins and options. Let’s come up with a design and business logic that tightly matches your objectives, but which uses as little code as possible, so that you save both time and money.